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Mass Monsters

Victor Richards is the hugest bodybuilder ever
because he trains heavy and intense, allows his muscles to recover, and eats lots of protein/carbs

Where did this free Mass Monsters mass-building training guide on how to get big, huge, and massive come from? If it can really help you get so big, huge, and massive why am I offering this Mass Monsters mass building training guide for free, with the updated premium guide on how to get big, huge, and massive for almost nothing?
To answer the first question, this free mass building training guide came from and builds on the combined training wisdom about how to get big, huge, and massive of all-time great mass monsters like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mike Mentzer, Arthur Jones, Sergio Oliva, and Dorian Yates, to name a few. These are definitely experts on how to get big, huge and massive whose advice is well worth listening to.
I am offering the mass monsters premium mass building training guide guide on how to get big, huge, and massive at this low price simply because I am tired of the corruption that pervades bodybuilding, and want to help everybody build the best, most big, huge and most massive body they can without having to rely on the roid dealers or bodybuilding politics. I am also tired of people being lied to about needing to take expensive supplements to become true mass monsters. While I will make supplements available for your convenience, to help you get big, huge and massive more time or cost-effectively, I will never lie to you about needing them. Every supplement can be effectively replaced by natural food sources, and in the premium section of this site about how to get big, huge, and massive I provide a list of such food sources, in addition to complete information about this state of the art training program, far above and beyond what is available on this free Mass Monsters site.

Oliva Built this chiselled, massive physique
Through high-volume, high intensity training and lots of good food

Though one of the early mass monsters of modern bodybuilding, Sergio Oliva became big, huge and massive, as well as shredded with heavy, high-volume training and a huge intake of protein. He was unrivalled until rival mass monster Arnold Schwarzenegger defeated him in a controversial decision. Though Arnold was definitely unprecedentedly big, huge, and massive, many believe the myth was more so.Later, Sergio Oliva came back more big, huge and massive than ever under the tutelage of Arthur Jones, who has helped some of the greatest mass monsters in history become big, huge and massive. His  training, which focused on combining exercises into one set and focusing on negative reps, was years ahead of its time.

Notice the massive and complete development Arnold
achieved by blasting his muscles from all angles

Arnold Schwarzenegger became big, huge and massive by developing his muscles completely and massively in all heads by working them completley from all angles. He bombarded each muscle group with twenty-plus sets apiece, even more sets than Sergio’s previous high-volume training had involved. He also helped push training a step in the right direction by allowing his muscles time to recover after his killer workouts, letting them get big, huge and massive like never before, though the next generation of elite mass monsters would learn even more about how to become big, huge and massive and take the recovery process a step further.

Mentzer developed comparable mass through minimal
sets and emphasizing recovery time.

Mike Mentzer, one of the all time great mass monsters, in contrast, contended that it was only necessary to do one set per bodypart to get big, huge and massive, focusing on intensity rather than volume. He created a physique which many felt rivalled Arnold's and achieved a perfect score in the Mr. Universe contest by so doing.
Which of these mass monsters was right about how to get big, huge, and massive? In actuality they both were.
Schwarzenegger was right about the need to hit the body from all anglesto get big, huge, and massive, while Mentzer was correct about the need to train with increased intensity and give the body time to recover. If a bodybuilder were ever to combine the two strategies, the yeng and yang to the ultimate complete program, he would be an absolutely unstoppable Mass Monster.

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In just 18 months on this program I have:
  • Raised my bench from 285 to 425
  • Increased my arms from 16.5" to 21.5"
  • Increased my chest from 52" to 57"
  • Increased my thighs from 26" to 31"

All of these gains have been completely natural and drug-free.

(These are extraordinary results. Individual results will vary.)

Yates pioneered the concept of mass-building with
his novel combination of intensity and recovery.

Enter Dorian Yates. Yates studied and agreed with Mentzer's concept of intensity training, but found that working the entire body in one workout made each muscle group rob the other of energy.
Yates developed a system allowing each bodypart to be trained once a week on a different day. By devoting all his energy in a given day to one bodypart, and allowing each muscle a full week to recover before being directly trained again, Yates developed unprecedented muscle mass.

It is upon the foundation lain by Dorian Yates and all the legends who came before him that I now build. Yate's allowance of a week for each muscle group to recover between sets, and letting each group be worked indirectly on the days its complimentary muscles are worked, is timeless and perfect.
I have further perfected this system, however, by scheduling the days each muscle group is worked for optimum efficiency. I have even further optimized this training by providing cutting edge nutritional information that will render even the most state of the art supplementation programs obsolete and redundant.
To train, it is recommended to train the following body parts on the following days, in the following order.
Monday: Chest
Tuesday: Back
Wednesday: Upper Legs
Thursday: Shoulders and Triceps
Friday: Biceps
Saturday: Calves, Abs, and Forearms
Browse around my free site for information on recommended exercises for training each body part.
For more information on how and why to do the exercises in this improved free program,  in what order,  and for comprehensive nutritional solutions, order my  premium, advanced  training program below for the amazingly low price of just $4.95.
 Included is an exclusive report on why training legs the day after chest and back will make your upper body more massive than ever, as well as information on how to get virtually unlimited, free creatine and nitric oxide from the food you eat at no additional cost.

Take your training and mass to the next level with my Super-Advanced workout  for just $9.99. The Pro's don't even know about this yet. Warning: do not even attempt this workout if you are not already an advanced bodybuilder in good condition.  It will shock your body, but the results are undeniable.

The  premium programs are 100% guaranteed. If, for any reason, you purchase the premium program and are not 100% satisfied after 60 days simply notify us and we will send you a full refund (less a $2 processing fee) Click below and begin getting huger than ever today.

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