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How to get massive legs

Tom Platz' thighs were ahead of their time &
remain peerless today. This is because he hit them from all angles and ranges of motion.

This free training guide on how to build big, huge and massive legs is brought to you by mass monsters.
No muscle group in the body is as big, huge and massive as the legs. They must therefore be trained from all angles and all ranges of motion to completely work every head of every muscle. Some of the exercises needed to get legs as big, huge and massive as possible are:
  • Squats/Leg Presses (From a variety of stances)
  • Leg Extensions
  • Leg Curls
  • Straight-Legged Deadlifts

Training the legs is also critical to optimizing upper body mass.

Leg training and upper body mass

            Many of the top bodybuilders have long believed that training legs is somehow directly correlated with building upper body mass. None of them knew why, yet they all felt it. When their legs got as big, huge and massive as possible, so did their upper bodies.

            Sergio Oliva, who arguably had the best-developed upper body of all time, said, “If you want big arms do heavy squats.” His 22 and inch sleeve-poppers were among the best ever, as was his mammoth chest whose girth nearly matched his height.

            Tom Platz, who many feel had leg development unequaled even to this day, firmly believed that his heavy leg training was the key to his impressive upper body mass (though dwarfed by his legs it was still more impressive than many upper bodies of his day, and was enough to land him third place in a toughly contested Mr. Olympia.)

 There is also indubitably a connection between the hulkish Victor Richards’ 37-inch thighs (developed through ridiculously heavy leg training) and his unprecedented 67” chest and whopping 27” guns.

            Though many theories have been purported regarding the physiology behind this phenomenon, recent scientific insights point to the key factors involved in this correlation.

            About a year back I noticed a huge difference in my appetite and feelings on Leg day and on my other training days. Most of you have probably noticed the same thing.

 On days I trained all my other muscle groups, even following it up with a long, intense cardio session, I felt instantly energized, as well as being, though hungrier, still satiable.

Yet after blasting my legs with squats descending from 5 plates or stacking the plate-loaded leg-press machine and working down, followed up with maxing out the Hammer Strength Leg Extension and Curl Machines, all in the space of only 30-40 minutes, my metabolism is so revved all day that no matter what I eat I’m hungry again within an hour, even WITHOUT doing any cardio.

This has been debated for years, but now we have scientific data verifying that this phenomenon really is true. To find out more about why getting big, huge and massive legs can also help you get big, huge and massive arms, back and chest, and how you can harness this amazingly powerful anabolic phenomenon, order our Mass Monsters Advanced premium program below for just $4.95.  

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