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How to get chiseled Abs and a trim waist.

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The abs are the one group of muscles which you probably do not want to make massive. Most of today’s top bodybuilders have overdeveloped their abs to the point that, though lean, their waists still look thick and unaesthetic.


            While, strictly speaking, you can, technically, add a few more pounds of mass to your frame through overdeveloped abs, few would actually desire it. The illusion of mass created by a narrow waistline to make the rest of the body appear even more massive in comparison is far more impressive than the true mass of overdeveloped abdominals.


            Sergio Oliva’s classic 58 inch chest on a 5’10” frame is all the more impressive because it more than doubled his 28 inch waist.


            Arnold, also makes his monstrous chest appear all the more colossal because it is offset by a tiny waist, which he has learned to make appear even tinier through the illusion provided by matchless posing skill.


            Behold the most massive bodybuilder of all time, Victor Richards. Though his waist is 36 inches, compared to his 37 inch thighs it is relatively slender, and is nearly doubled by his unprecedented 67 inch chest. This waist can also be vacuumed, and is dwarfed by his other monstrous body parts. 


            Note how the mass of bodybuilders such as Sergio, Arnold, and Lee Haney appears far superior beside today’s Olympias with thicker waistlines which do not accentuate their mass.


            With this in mind the abs should be trained in extremely high repetitions, as the objective is not so much to build abdominal mass, but to build definition and narrow the waistline to make the chest, back, arms and legs appear even larger.


Recommended Ab Exercises Include:

  • Leg Raises
  • Crunches (Lying or Machine)
  • Stick or Machine Twists
  • Half-Situps
  • Cross-Knee Crunches

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