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Big, Huge, Massive, Monstrous Calves

Dorian Yates got his huge calves by training them
intensely and allowing them time to grow each week.

One of the most common myths in bodybuilding is that calves should be trained every day to get big, huge and massive.This is not, however, the way to get big, huge and massive claves.  This is, in fact, why there is such a shortage of big, huge and massive calves in bodybuilding.
Train any muscle like a small muscle and it will stay small. Train it like a big muscle (once a week), however, and you will get big, huge and massive calves.
Exercises best used for the calves to make them big, huge and massive include:
  • Standing Calf Raises (Neutral Stance, Toes In, Toes Out)
  • Seated Calf Raises 

The foregoing information has been provided as a free training guide by Mass Monsters.
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