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Free Vitamins and Minerals Sources and Information

                                  Vitamins and Minerals 
Vitamins and minerals provide essetntial nutrients. These aid in helping the body perform critical functions.



            Antioxidants are primarily known for their role in providing the body with energy and their anti-carcinogenic properties. There are several vitamins with various anti-oxidant properties.


                                    Vitamin C

            Vitamin C is naturally found in citrus fruits. It is a powerful antioxidant known to promote tissue repair. Though readily available in natural food sources, it can be supplemented cheaply and conveniently as well.


                                    Vitamin A

            Vitamin A is also a powerful antioxidant whose principle component, beta-carotene, is found chiefly in orange vegetables such as carrots and sweet potatoes, as well as many orange fruits, such as papaya. Vitamin A and beta-carotene are also important in maintaining healthy eyesight.


                                    Vitamin E

            Vitamin E is primarily known for its role in tissue repair. It can be spread on the skin to heal stretch marks, blemishes, and other dermatological conditions. Ingested, it is good for muscle repair, as well as maintaining the skin and hair.




                                    B Vitamins

            B Vitamins primarily function to promote protein synthesis in muscle tissue. They include, most importantly, B1, B6, and B 12. Through the wisdom of Mother Nature they naturally occur where they are needed most, in such protein sources as meat, dairy products, fish, eggs, legumes, etc. They can, however, be conveniently and economically supplemented.




            Iron is a precious trace mineral whose most important function is in the production of hemoglobin, the compound responsible for enabling bed blood cells to carry oxygen, thus properly energizing the body. Iron can be found primarily in liver or green leafy vegetables, or can be supplemented cheaply and cost-effectively.



            This precious mineral is important in maintaining proper neural function, preventing the muscles from cramping, and also preventing heart attacks, which are, basically, just more complicated cramps within the heart muscle. Potassium can be supplemented cheaply and easily, but is also readily and abundantly available in fruits, legumes, potatoes, and milk.



            Also important in maintaining the balance of electrolytes for proper neural function, and in bone maintenance and repair, calcium can be found in rich abundance in green vegetables and dairy products. It can also be easily supplemented, particularly from ground mollusk shells.



            Sodium is also an electrolyte critical to proper neuromuscular function. What most people to not realize is that sodium itself is not dangerous, but the ratio of sodium to potassium. To maintain a proper electrical balance in the body the positively charged sodium ions must be offset by a proportionate number of negative potassium ions. Sodium is rarely deficient, so it is seldom necessary to supplement; we get it in almost everything we eat, especially if it has been seasoned.


                                    Zinc and Magnesium

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