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Free Fat Burners Information

                                                Fat Burners  

            Fat burners can be divided into three categories, Thermogenics, lipotropics, and carbohydrate blockers.

            Thermogenics, as the name implies, burn calories through slightly increasing the body’s temperature. They include such items as cayenne pepper, cinnamon, green tea, and stimulants such as caffeine, ephedra, and citrus aurantium.

            Lipotropics aid the body in converting fats to fatty acid to be more readily used as fuel by the body rather than stored. Lipotropics include choline, inositol, and, believe it or not, WATER!

            Carbohydrate blockers do just what their name says. They prevent carbohydrates from being absorbed by the body. Examples of these are chitosan and citrimax (garcina )

            Though some of these fat-burners are available individually, most fat-burning supplements are “stacked” or synergistically combined for greater value and performance. When purchasing a fat-burner, read the label carefully to see exactly what you are getting and how many milligrams.


                                    Green Tea

            Green tea is perhaps the most powerful thermogenic available. It is included in many popular fat-burners, but can also be purchased at the supermarket and consumed much more cost-effectively.

            Green tea is also much more than a fat-burner. It contains catecachins, powerful anti-oxidants which give the body more energy and aid in reducing one’s risk of cancer.

            Moreover, green tea increases insulin sensitivity, aiding in preserving hard-earned muscle mass when trying to reduce fat. This insulin optimization also has helped many type II diabetics as a viable alternative to insulin injections.



            Caffeine is also included in many fat-burner stacks. Though popular to use, care should be taken as caffeine can also lead to diuresis, dehydration, irritability and decreased insulin sensitivity. If supplementing with caffeine it is important to take an insulin optimizer and consume at least an extra gallon of water per day to minimize these side effects.



            Ephedra, though powerful and effective in raising energy and metabolism, has been known to produce dangerous side effects. It has also been banned by the IFBB, AAU, and many other bodybuilding and athletic organizations. If you choose to supplement with ephedra despite these warnings, proceed with caution, at your own risk, and only with the approval of your physician.


                                    Citrus Aurantium

            Citrus Aurantium, or Bitter Orange, is a much safer and more effective alternative to caffeine or ephedra. Whereas the former stimulants work by force-marching the central nervous system, citrus aurantium actually raises the temperature of the mitochondria, or the furnaces within the body’s cells directly responsible for metabolism. This actually makes for much more efficient metabolism of fat than with classical stimulants, and does not produce the jitters, anxiety, or risk of heart problems associated with caffeine or ephedra.



            Water is the most effective fat-burner we can take, and it is virtually free. Its hydrogen atoms combine with fat to form fatty acids, a process essential to the effective use of fats as energy by the body.

            It also prevents the body from retaining fluids. When the body is not getting enough water it hoards what little it has like a miser. Fluid retention often makes the body appear “fat” so this elimination of excess fluids from the body makes one appear even leaner.

            Finally, drinking water can help us avoid drinking other less healthy beverages, like soda or sugar-laden juices.



            Citrimax is a powerful and effective carbohydrate blocker found in many of the most popular fat-burners. It is also found in many popular meal replacements, such as EAS Myoplex. This carb blocker prevents excess carbohydrates from being stored as fat. Great care should be taken, however, not to overdo it with citrimax. While Garcina is safe in moderation, the muscles still require carbohydrates for maximum mass, and the brain definitely requires glucose to function properly.

            Diabetics injecting insulin should consult their physician before using any carbohydrate blocker or manipulating their daily carbohydrate intake in any way whatsoever.

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